Dental Care

Trinicore loves to bring a smile to your face — that's why we're pleased to offer Teethkeepers dental coverage. We don't stop there though — we offer a variety of other benefits to you. So, after you see what we have to offer in dental coverage, check out our other services — because we want to keep you smiling!

Dental Program Dental benefits are available directly to individuals and their families. The Teethkeepers dental program is designed specifically for individuals who:

√ Are self-employed
√ Do not have a dental benefit offered by their employer
√ Are looking for additional dental benefits

Teeth Keepers
For more information or to enroll in the Teethkeepers program   CLICK HERE

*Please Note: Teethkeepers dental plans through The Trinicore Company are available ONLY in Pennsylvania and Delaware. For other plans or locations, please   CLICK HERE


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