Enrollment & Communication

An Implementation Specialist will coordinate the installation of a series of tools to help employers with the open enrollment process, including:


On-Demand Benefits Video



In addition to traditional in-person and webinar enrollment meetings, we can replicate the presentation in an on-demand video format complete with web links and supporting documents. This is useful for employees who are unable to attend, are hired at a later date, or those who want to re-review the information. Employers have the option of recording an introductory message, which is done easily via telephone.

Our enrollment videos are hosted online and can be password protected. The table of contents enables viewers to skip or revisit sections as desired. The attachment tab includes supporting documents and web links. Employees can view the video from their computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Benefits Guidebook


We can assist employers with developing a benefits guidebook for distribution to their employees. The number of employees determines eligibility and guidebook format. Our guidebooks help improve the communication of benefits programs and plan details to employees.

Our benefits guidebooks help employers communicate their benefits program to employees. Your Implementation Specialist will obtain the plan information from the Account Manager and coordinate with the employer for any additional information needed.

The number of employees determine the appropriate format and whether electronic delivery or printed copies are appropriate. At a minimum, the guidebooks feature an attractive cover, opening statement, and benefit plan designs. In NY, the Department of Financial Services may require us to charge a fee to include content outside the area of the benefits program.


Employee Hotline


We can provide wallet-sized cards to distribute to employees highlighting an 800 number for answers about their benefits package. The line is activated 30 days before and remains on 30 days after their renewal date. This resource helps to ease the burden away from the HR Administrator regarding general employee questions about the benefit plans offered.


The employee hotline is a direct, confidential resource for employees to call with questions related to their upcoming renewal options. If employees have questions on how a specific benefit will be covered, what their contributions will be, or simply how to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP), they can call us directly, thus removing the burden from the HR Administrator.


The hotline remains open for 30 days after the renewal date. Employees who call after this period will be directed to the Benefits Administrator or the appropriate insurance carrier’s member service number.



Online Enrollment System


Our enrollment system is available for employers to improve and streamline benefits communication complete with plan summary documents, side-by-side comparisons, plan rates, and carrier resources. Employees will be delighted with a faster, more convenient, and paperless enrollment experience. HR Administrators benefit from the ability to track the completion of employees’ enrollment and an easy tool to generate HR and payroll deduction reports in Excel.

Step-by-Step Enrollment Process

The system guides employees through the enrollment process with a step-by-step checklist. Each section contains all plan information, rates, and documents. The compare plan feature is available when multiple plans are offered.



We can provide an employee benefits communication portal and/or a self-service enrollment system for employees to update personal information, add dependents, and make benefit elections. The system features a class-based rules engine enabling employees to only see what is offered to them.


Employees can view side-by-side plan comparisons, rates per pay period, and benefit summaries to assist with making decisions. Employers can track the completion of each employee’s enrollment and assist where needed. The reporting tool features custom report building, the ability to save report templates, and easy export to Excel. After the open enrollment period, the system can be used to manage life events, new hires, and dependents.


Enrollment System

If the carrier accepts enrollment data electronically, MBA will configure the enrollment system with the employer’s benefit plans and company information to conduct the open enrollment process.

Communications System

If the carrier requires hard copy enrollment forms with wet signatures, the system can be set up to communicate benefits and provide access to forms for the employee to complete and return to the Benefits Administrator.


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