Health Benefits

We help you purchase the health insurance that best fits your needs. We can help you with…

* Medical Insurance… to help defray the cost of providing expert medical care and pharmaceutical remedies. Medical insurance basically helps pay the cost of medical treatment and is provided in two major approaches –Planned Provider Organization (PPO) , or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Both types use a network of providers, the major difference being that PPOs are generally nationwide, whereas HMOs serve smaller geographic areas, for example: the Blue Cross PPO is across the nation, whereas the Keystone East HMO serves only five 5 Pennsylvania counties around Philadelphia. Point of Service Plans (POS) are basically HMOs with an out of area benefit. This feature permits a POS plan to function like a PPO while retaining the features of an HMO.

* Pharmacy Insurance… to help defray the cost of providing pharmaceutical remedies using either a “regular” pharmacy” card, or by using a pharmacy discount card approach.

* Dental Insurance… help pay the cost of providing expert dental care, from basic dental evaluations, teeth cleaning and damage assessment, to full mouth bridge and crown reconstructions and dental implants. Additionally, regular dental check-ups and oral maintenance help ensure that your overall general health can be maintained at an optimal level.

* Specific Disease Insurance… to help offset the impact of the major costs involved with cancer, heart disease, leukemia, etc. and other illnesses that impact the budget of families and the family support system.

* Vision Insurance… to help you obtain & to provide you with good eye care, vision improvement and maintenance as well as early assessment indicators of major health & disease conditions; which is especially critical for diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals. Additionally, regular eye examination has been beneficial in the detection of “early” brain tumors, thereby minimizing the physical, financial and emotional impact, etc. of the late detection of cancer.


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