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We help you purchase the health insurance that best fits your needs. AS you may know…

Health Insurance is designed to help pay the cost of providing expert medical care - and when selected, the cost of pharmaceutical compounds and other aids - for healing and generally improved personal health. Health insurance is intended to help consumers overcome the high cost of health care through either paying a portion of the cost of care, or paying essentially the entire cost for the total treatment of care for recovery from either accident or sickness.

Local or regional insurance plans which combine medical doctors and facilities available in a geographical region include the following types of insurance plans:

a. Regional HMO or a specific hospital-group plan

b. a defined area Preferred Provider Plan (PPO) and/or a Point of Service (POS) Plan which operates like an HMO in a given region but has an arrangement(s) with HMOs in other-region(s) and provides benefits “out-of-area” in a structure “equal to” the base-area HMO plan)

c. the larger region and National Plans which generally operate as Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan(s). PPO's generally operate with very large networks of providers and facilities, often extending across many states. Some are national in scope, with others having even international affiliations. PPOs have become the “plan of choice” for many sponsoring organizations due to their provider and facility relationship, and their lower overhead/fixed cost.

The best health insurance plan for any person is the plan that this person can both qualify for and afford to keep in force for the longer period.

In addition to the “private” health insurance plans described above, each state has basic health care or “public” plans in place that will provide care at little or no cost to persons who are unable to qualify for private health care coverage. The link to obtain information on these plans and their qualifying requirements can be found in the “Links” tab, under "Resources".

The TriniCore Company will help you find your way through the morass of providers, facilities and plans to the oasis of excellent, controlled-cost healthcare coverage.


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