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Circumstances change.  We make sure your plans evolve with you for your benefit. You can contact us to have your current insurance and coverage reviewed. There’s no cost or commitment—just an opportunity to see the value that a relationship with Trinicore can bring to you.

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Make sure you are covered

Healthcare is now the law.  Make sure you obtain right plan for your needs.

Even though open enollment is closed, you may still qualify for health insurance.

 Let us help you find the right plan for you, or...you can use our online quoting resource to quickly compare and find the plan for you!


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Looking after your loved ones

It’s a priority for us. We offer you peace of mind that you, and they, will be cared for well. Somtimes, simple, affordable life insurance is often enough. But sometimes more complex, tax-efficient provisions are necessary. Whatever you need, we can help.


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What else can we do for YOU and YOUR family?




We are here to help you obtain health coverage that fits you, and your famalies needs. Before purchasing, our on-line tools will help you shop around for the best option and compare plans both on and off the individual marketplace exchange.

We work with most major carriers and we will help you obtain coverage in case of a major medical accident and/or for simple preventive care. Our goal is to get you the best plan, in terms of coverage, and cost.

The button below will take you to our on-line quoting tool. Enter your information and in less than 5 minutes, you’re on your way to obtaining insurance.

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*If you do not currently participate in your employer’s health plan or coverage isn’t offered, be aware that new health care reform legislation requires most individuals to obtain coverage or pay a penalty







Dental Insurance may seem like just another expense, but not going to see your dentist could be more costly – including significant medical expenses that could have been avoided.  In fact, dentists are oftent the first to diagnose major medical issues through the health of your teeth and gums!

We love to bring a smile to your face — that's why we're pleased to offer Teethkeepers dental coverage. We don't stop there though — we offer a variety of other benefits to you. So, after you see what we have to offer in dental coverage, check out our other services — because we want to keep you smiling!

Dental Program Dental benefits are available directly to individuals and their families. The Teethkeepers dental program is designed specifically for individuals who:

√ Are self-employed
√ Do not have a dental benefit offered by their employer
√ Are looking for additional dental benefit

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Vision Insurance is an important component of your complete health program. A complete eye examination at least once every two years will help ensure that your vision remains as near optimum as possible. In fact, and possibly even more importantly, a complete eye exam will provide early detection of diabetes, in addition to several other chronic conditions. Additionally, good eye care is also an important factor for the maintenance of well-being in older age individuals.

*Please Note: Teethkeepers dental plans through The Trinicore Company are available ONLY in Pennsylvania and Delaware. For other plans or locations, please   CLICK HERE




Life insurance is a tool you can use; to protect loved ones as well as being a sound financial investment medium. The following benefits are just a few examples:

• Income replacement - Buying life insurance protects your loved ones from income loss and financial catastrophe.

• Final cost - Burial costs, estate planning, debts, medical expenses and attorney fees all contribute to high costs at time of death. 

• Income generation - Life insurance can be an inheritance to heirs, even if you have no assets at time of death.

• Building Cash Value - A life insurance policy can also act as a savings account in some instances, which can be withdrawn or borrowed at the policyholder’s request.

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Disability Insurance to provide income when a person loses the ability to work and produce income because of either accident or illness. This also includes those times when through either extended sickness or accident a person loses the ability to generate income over a very long time. Disability insurance comes in two major categories: Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD).

Both STD and LTD have “waiting” or “elimination” periods. These periods help reduce the premium cost as with STD, nominally “0/7” wait is used. “0/7” means that the disability benefit is paid for the first day of disability resulting from accident and following 7 days of disability or on the 7th day of disability, depending upon the insurance contract. STD contracts are often referred to as “Loss of Time” plans as they cover shorter intervals of lost income generally less than in one year, and typically the STD benefit is 66.667% of prior weekly income.

Long Term Disability (LTD) covers the loss of income resulting from a long term/”permanent” disability. LTD benefits are normally a monthly income benefit and are paid during the month following disability, after the contract elimination period. This elimination or waiting period is defined by the insurance carrier, and could be as short as 90 days or 13 weeks (nominally 3 months), is regularly 180 days, 26 weeks (6 months) and may be as long as one or two years, again depending on the insurance contract.

Additionally, “Disability Insurance” is provided within the structures of Worker’s Compensation Insurance or “Workers Comp”. Workers Comp has a form of disability insurance that is required by state mandate to be purchased by employers for each employee, with the rates being adjusted by each employee’s job classification, as well as the employer’s loss experience rates. Workers Comp provides a benefit only for disability, etc. resulting from issues occurring in the workplace. Additionally, in some jurisdictions Workers Comp covers accidents in other venues or en route to the place of normal employment. Further, state mandated minimum disability insurance is required in five states: NJ, NY, CA, RI and HI.

Your choice of policy type can be decided upon after an analysis of your needs as well as the anticipated setting in which you and the policy will function. We will help you to design a plan that will provide you with the features you desire - and a plan you will be able to keep… and/or adjust as the various parts of your life setting changes.

NOTE: The TriniCore Company has developed a “tax-preferred”, “in-force” approach to help protect many “uninsurable” executives from either serious income loss or capital depletion during a period where they experience loss of abilities as the result of accident or illness; and especially those which occur during a period of employment interruption.





Long Term care Insurance (LTC) has become extremely important to help provide the financial and emotional support needed by family caregivers when a family member requires rehabilitation/recovery in an extended care facility or a family member requires supervised/non-hospital care during their advancing years. LTC contracts have features which can allow or require the care to be provided:

  •  In a licensed care facility
  • At home

Long Term Care planning provides peace of mind. We only work with the most stable companies who will be there when you need the plan to work. We can help you design a Long Term Care plan that you can keep in place for the time that it is needed. That is peace of mind.






Will You Be Ready for Retirement on Your Terms?

Looking after loved ones is a priority for our clients. So we offer peace of mind that they, along with you will be cared for well. Simple, affordable life insurance is often enough. But sometimes more complex, tax-efficient provisions are necessary. Whatever the need, Trinicore can help

If you have questions about how prepared you are, or how long your income may last in retirement, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and your objectives. There’s nothing more rewarding than the confidence that comes with knowing you are on the right path to achieving your important financial goals.


Through comprehensive planning, we can help you prioritize your goals and develop a strategy to protect and grow your retirement assets. Whether you are in the accumulation phase or have already retired, a comprehensive strategy is critical to:

We can help you develop a comprehensive plan to:









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