Employee Programs

Wellness Program

MBA offers employers guidance on selecting a vendor to design, implement and manage a wellness program to boost employee morale, encourage healthy habits, and help manage health care premiums through a comprehensive incentive based program.

Services available include:
  • Incentive management reporting system

  • Health risk assessments

  • Onsite health & biometrics screenings

  • Fitness classes

  • Health fair management

  • Lunch & learns

  • Health coaching

  • Vaccination clinics

  • Rewards programs

  • And more...

Employee Rewards

MBA has partnered with an innovative technology company that offers an e-commerce portal to leading merchants where employees can earn cash back, incentives and instant rewards just for shopping. From Best Buy and Target to thousands of other retailers, this portal lets employees shop where they’re already shopping online today. Same stores, same merchandise. But now they can leverage the power of cash back shopping to receive a tangible benefit. Employers can position this as an exciting addition to an existing benefits program, at no cost to the employee.

How It Works

To drive online sales, retailers of all sizes have created programs that offer incentives of 1% to 40% cash back for shopping online. This powerful e-commerce engine searches all these retailers and accesses the cash back for the employee. Retailers get new online sales and employees get cash back and other incentives for shopping.

Extend The Program To Your Customers

Employers have the choice of directing their employees to the MBA rewards portal at no cost to them or their employees, or for a nominal one-time fee, the employer can receive a private labeled version of the portal to share with both their employees and their customer base.



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