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In a front-page story, the New York Times (1/6, A1, Pear, Subscription Publication) reports that members of Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences “are in an uproar” over health plan changes that will require them to share more of their health care costs. The university said in its enrollment guide for this year that it “must respond to the national trend of rising health care costs, including some driven by...the Affordable Care Act,” which many of the faculty “championed,” continues the piece. It notes that Harvard’s plan is still quite generous, and the changes will introduce “standard features of most employer-sponsored health plans.”

        Referring to the New York Times piece, the Washington Post  (1/5, Millman) “Wonkblog” notes the “health-care irony” in the situation: Professors are angry that the policies they’ve recommended for years are now being applied to them. It says Harvard’s plan still “pays about 91 percent of medical costs, on par with the richest platinum plans available on the ACA exchanges.”

        The Washington Post (1/5, Adler) “Volokh Conspiracy” blog reports similarly.

        In a Bloomberg View (1/5) op-ed, Megan McArdle looks at the “whining” professors, saying that “The deepest irony is, of course, that Harvard professors helped to design Obamacare. And Obamacare is the reason that these changes are probably necessary.” She states that “this is what cost-control actually looks like” and recommends that Americans shed the delusion that there are no trade-offs.

        The Daily Caller (1/5, Ross) reported that, while the faculty voted in November against the health plan changes, the vote “was too late to stop cost increases from taking effect this month, leading to an uproar among some faculty.” The DC notes that the complaints are “curious given Harvard faculty’s general support for Obama and his policies.” 

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