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Every individual, company, and industry have distinct and unique sets of inherent challenges, risks, and struggles.  Trinicore has a depth of SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE in multiple industries. These are just some of the people, industries, and areas of life we service:  


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Our Clients’ Stories

These are just a few of the phenomenal clients and corporations we have the pleasure of working with.


Our business relationship started in 1997 as this client (200 lives at the time) desired a cost effective solution for the health plan.  A Self-Insured health plan was designed.  After 20 years, through continual monitoring, enhancements, and expertise management, this plan continues to be one of the Nations Leading Benefit Plans.  
- Their average medical spend (20yr average): 30% below the Milliman Index.  
- Their 2014 Plan: 43% below the National Average.




Our business relationship started in 2013 as this client was looking for someone to work closely with their team to develop their benefits plans.  Requiring someone to design and implement their benefits from the ground up, we quickly developed the trust, and reputation, as someone who would be there for the “long-haul.”  After 1 year, our client is already looking forward to renewals and the cost-saving plans being put into place. 


This is a great example of building mutual trust...resulting in big savings.  Our relationship started in 2009 as this client had recieved little to no input from their incumbent insurance advisor.  In 2013, we made the switch to a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan including Health Reimbursement Account for employees. First year savings have been >30%.  Employees pay a small percentage fo the monthly premium, and receive 100% reimbursement of the first 80% of their deductible.  Health plan costs are 18% below the Milliman Index / National average.


A friend of a friend reached out to us in dire need of input and advice with medical benefits...somewhat last minute!   We worked around the clock to make sure the company was taken care of, and benefits were secured, giving the owner peace of mind.  Now that a solid foundation is there, together we’re planning on building for the future of his company by ensuring his medical and business spend remains low.


With the federal mandates now in full effect, more and more individuals are looking for insurance coverage.  Many of those who have come to us are confused, and after we take the time to explain and ensure they know what they are getting, paying for, and can expect….we’re thrilled to continue to be able to help them year after year.  


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